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About us

It All Began with Two Labrador Puppers

Love and care for animals was imbued throughout the childhoods of FiloMilo's founders, who have been proud pet mamas and papas. The need for healthier food options for two Labrador puppers led to an interest in pet food.
Fuelled by relevant knowledge and learning of canine nutrition and an undying commitment to bring the best in pets, FiloMilo was birthed in Coimbatore, India.
FiloMilo understands the unconditional love our pets have on us and vice versa. All of our products are healthy, nutritious and tasty.

A Passionate Commitment to Pet Health and Nutrition with Ayurveda

At FiloMilo, the commitment to pet health and wellness is paramount. They understand the unconditional love that exists between pets and their owners and strive to reciprocate that love by providing nutritious and delicious food options for their animal companions. We incorporate Ayurveda principles to ensure their products provide the required nutrition and care without any side effects.

Expert-Approved Recipes and High-Quality Ingredients

FiloMilo takes pride in its research-driven approach to pet food. All recipes are carefully formulated and approved by a team of veterinarians and canine nutritionists in Europe. This ensures that the meals and snacks offered by FiloMilo meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition.

The use of real chicken meat, calcium, Ayurvedic Brahmi powder, and other natural ingredients in FiloMilo's products is a testament to their dedication to excellence. By sourcing the best ingredients for their pet food, FiloMilo ensures that pets receive optimal nutrition with every bite. The Ayurvedic ingredients, such as Brahmi powder, help improve canine neurological function and facilitate easier training for pet owners.

Innovative and Delicious Pet Food Options

FiloMilo offers a range of nutritious and tasty pet food options that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of pets and their owners. From complete meals to snacks and treats, FiloMilo's product line is designed to make mealtime enjoyable and healthy for pets of all shapes and sizes. Their dog biscuits, in particular, stand out in the super-premium category for their high-quality ingredients and nutritional value.
By putting pet health and happiness at the forefront of their mission, FiloMilo has quickly become a trusted name in the pet food industry. With a passionate team committed to creating the best products possible using Ayurveda principles, FiloMilo is the perfect choice for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with the highest quality nutrition.